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Customer Service Representative

Legitimate work from home customer service jobs to suit your needs. Keep in mind however, that some of these positions are open, and others are not due to company demand and other issues sometimes related to availability. You may also be required to have previous experience in certain fields, although not always required. So make sure you take into consideration the necessary qualifications for any of these service rep Positions.

The companies listed below have the reputation of hiring home-based workers as positions become available. You must visit and contact each Site in order to determine availability and current standings. You may want to visit these Sites periodically in the future for open positions or reference purposes.

XAct Telesolutions - Work from home taking calls in a customer driven fast paced environment. Bilingual is a definite plus. A modern computer with high speed Internet is a requirement. Complete their online application to be contacted by an HR representative within 72 hours.

West At Home Agents - Work at home Service Reps needed to handle calls for a variety of services and product related inquiries. Typical DSL or high-speed Internet connection and headset required. See the Website for more details of related requirements, and your online application from West at Home.

Alpine Access - This is for customer service representatives who want a work from home opportunity unlike anything else out there. All the standard high-speed modem and computer requirements are a must. Alpine access gives you the money when you work, but they also pay for your time spent in training. Experience a different kind of working environment for making money in your home. Visit their Careers page for more in depth information.

Ver-A-Fast - Work from the comfort of your own home all the while enjoying the flexibility of making your own hours. Help Ver-A-Fast meet their client's needs with your home-based PC. There is no catch associated with this no cost home job. This newspaper industry related company, is in need of representatives who can make service calls for their newspaper clients. You can accomplish all this from the comfort of your own home office.

Beyond Marketing Online - Limited to applicants with at least 5 years of experience in customer service and communications skills. Customer service representatives are located in both Canada and the US, and are required to be proficient with such applications as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You must also have a current anti-virus program installed on a modern computer.

Live Ops - This is for home-based telephone representatives who have a previous experience in telephone-service and sales. Work at home with a leader in agent based services. You will need to be properly equipped with a separate phone line and high speed ADSL, DSL, or cable. This is for applicants who enjoy running there own business and working from home. You can get started after completing their online application.

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