Popular Home Jobs

There is always an abundance of popular home jobs being offered on the Internet, as well as being offered offline as well. These jobs and opportunities have, and always will be, available en-mass today and the foreseeable future. But here is a compilation of what I consider the most popular or most desired amongst a whole grouping of popular items.

This stems from years of experience of being in the work at home industry, and the types of jobs I see most people looking for. What is especially transparent are the subject lines of queries, when people e-mail me and ask about the availability of certain jobs. Noticing a pattern that develops among home workers is my specialty, and I take action in delivering the goods.

Customer Service

One of the most common and legitimate online jobs you might come across will be customer service. Via the Internet and special software programs, you can access companies that will hire you as an employee or customer service agent. Many hundreds of work at home employees utilize this type of popular home job, by answering phone calls from people worldwide. Duties or obligations associated with this type of opportunity can vary based on your employer’s needs, or your experience. But most often it involves taking calls and answering to customer complaints or concerns. It may also entail entering orders and using the company system, and so forth.


Having a specialized knowledge within a specific area of expertise can lead you into a good home-based consulting practice. Consider your areas of expertise carefully, because there are home jobs for consultants related to most anything associated with business, life coaching, or even math tutoring or history. Consulting however, is most often done on a personal or independent level, rather than working for a company. This may also be better associated with a teaching job.

Teaching Or Tutoring

This is a lot like consulting above, and can be easily done from your own home. Very little equipment is needed for this type of home job, and it is popular among teachers or people with credentials that want to help tutor children. You may also have the option of teaching the English language to adults who want to learn a second language.

Virtual Assistant

The duties of the virtual assistant may involve answering telephones, making travel plans for clients, general clerical work, and taking care of client’s e-mails. As one of the growing avenues of popular home jobs, virtual assisting is just as it sounds, working from home using a computer with Internet access. You may never meet the people you are helping, while assisting clients or companies as a freelance contractor, or even working for one or more companies on a permanent level.

Transcription Jobs

This involves listening to audio recordings, tapes or files, and transcribing or typing them into written or word form. General transcription requires less training than Medical transcription, and may involve listening to recordings of meetings, seminars or interviews from your client. Medical transcription requires an understanding of medical terminology used by health professionals, doctors or pharmacists. It may require you to have special training or education in the field of medicine or health care.


Some telemarketing jobs do require sales experience, but most companies are willing to train likely candidates who are willing to work and learn. This popular work at home job is another one that can easily be done in the comfort of ones own home, or home office. This type of work however, may involve making cold calls to people who may be unreceptive, or consider you a scammer as a result. But some of this type of sales calling will be the contacting of sales leads, or people who have already been contacted or are requesting information. Then it is just a matter of setting up appointments for sales coordinators, who close the sale.